Finding your other half

Single people always seem to have a very specific list of attributes that they want their ‘perfect’ man/woman to have. I think these lists are a silly idea.

Firstly, most people tend to have attributes such as “kind”, “caring”, “loving”, etc. I can only say: “WELL DUH.” Who the hell wants a partner that isn’t kind, that doesn’t care about you and doesn’t love you? You might as well add “human” to the list because those attributes are just that painfully obvious. I mean, does anybody ever have “unkind”, “uncaring” and “hateful” on their list?

Then there are certain specifications that are just so unrealistic. For example, “My perfect guy would know how to cook, clean, knows kung-fu, is a good singer, and will look like Edward Cullen.” Try typing in “Edward Cullen is” in Google and looking at the suggestions, you’d be surprised to see what comes up. One of them is “Edward Cullen is real”. I fear for this generation if people are actually searching for something to convince themselves that a fictional vampire, created by a woman who is probably laughing at how many people are stupid enough for buying her ‘book’, is real. But anyway, some people’s expectations are so unrealistic.

The last reason is that some of the attributes are way too specific and you’re limiting yourself and closing yourself off prematurely. I think deciding what you think you want before actually discovering what you really want makes you close-minded. I say: keep your options open. If you’re hard to please, you only end up making yourself miserable.

Oh, and for the record….


About lildoro

I'm a uni student who procrastinates way too much. I like saying stuff about things.

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  1. hahaha
    you’ve never been soo right in such a humorous way!!
    “might as well add human!!”
    nice nice nice

    an interesting blog once in a while is always a pleasure to read =D

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