Sarcasm is not the lowest form of wit

I never quite agreed with the phrase “Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit”. The rationale behind this is that sarcasm involves belittling someone and laughing at their expense. But there are so many other ways to do this without being sarcastic, so why aren’t those ways the lowest form of wit?

For example, dead baby jokes, racist jokes, blonde jokes, or sexist jokes. Everyone (well, at least the awesome people) will be laughing at said baby/person of certain race/blonde/woman’s expense. I’m pretty sure the image of a baby on fire or a blonde woman in the kitchen (I’d like to see a blonde kitchen joke) is just as, or even more hurtful/belittling, than me sarcastically saying “Ohhh yeahhh, women shouldn’t be in the kitchen. Babies shouldn’t be killed” (it’s a bit hard to convey sarcasm in text. A friend of mine suggested using full stops to demonstrate sarcasm, but I don’t think that’ll work here … otherwise my entire blog will have a lot more sarcasm than I intended. Hmm, challenge: read everything you see in my blog in a sarcastic tone.)

In conclusion: if there’s a form of wit that doesn’t involve insulting someone, then it’s not really wit. Well, except puns, word plays and double entendres, but this sort of wit is lame unless it’s on a sitcom.


About lildoro

I'm a uni student who procrastinates way too much. I like saying stuff about things.

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  1. I decided to just read the last paragraph in a sarcastic tone. It was very confusing

  2. only intelligent people can be sarcastic

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