I’m incompetent at pushing buttons

So I just walked to class (and am currently in class blogging … yay), taking my usual route which requires crossing a lot of roads with traffic lights. I think I’m just a bit too mindful of things, but I always wonder why people who come to the pedestrian traffic lights decide to push the button when someone is already there, who has obviously already pushed it. It happened to me twice just now – do people not see me waiting for the lights to change? Do they think I’m just standing there for fun? Or maybe they think I’m just incompetent at pressing buttons and don’t trust that my button-pressing abilities are enough to cause the light to turn green?

The same happens in elevators, which is a bit more obvious. I mean, the ‘Ground level’ button is already lit up (because I pressed it before they got on!), but for some reason, people still don’t believe that it will go down to the ground and that I’m just some random idiot in the lift, waiting for someone to come press the button for me. Clearly my button-pressing skills aren’t good enough for some people!

…or is it just safe to presume that some people are just untrusting, cynical, possibly OCD people who think everyone around them is a moron?


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I'm a uni student who procrastinates way too much. I like saying stuff about things.

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  1. hahahah nice topic =P
    i sometimes do it just in case the more you press it the faster it turns green lol
    its probably not the case, im pretty sure theres a time limit thing involved

    it just highlights how impatient our society is
    i dont do the elevator thing though hahaha, its faster if you take the stairs/escalator/travelator

    enjoy your lec =P

  2. lol unless I’ve seen the person press the button I need to press it again…just in case they forgot =P

    But with elevators I don’t bother, you can see it’s lit up which means it is definitely going to go there.

  3. ‘…But the important thing is this it takes only one stab of your finger on a button to set the process going. You can press it once or you can press 100 times. It doesn’t make any difference to the control circuit.

    It’s exactly the same with the call button on an elevator. One single press is all you need.

    In downtown Sydney, the buttons have no effect between 7am and 7pm, Monday to Wednesday; and 7am to 9pm, Thursday to Saturday.

    The rationale behind this decision is that it is better to keep one person waiting (that’s you) rather than hundreds (that’s the road traffic trying to get in or out of town).’


    Pretty interesting post doro, made me do some research 😉 hehe

    I always thought that the more I pressed the button the faster I get to cross, I guess I have now been proven wrong.

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