I Miss Facebook

If you haven’t noticed (most likely), I’ve disappeared from both MSN and Facebook in a feeble attempt to end my poor procrastination habits so that I can pass my final exams. I suppose blogging is the only way to keep in contact with the human world now (other than physical human contact, but who does that these days anyway?) By the way, my absence from Facebook isn’t a free invitation to insult/flame me without me seeing it for a while. Bleh, too late.

I have to admit, I’m getting a lot of work done now that Facebook and MSN are out of my life (but still got a long way to go since I’m blogging and still have Youtube, Twitter, TV, PSP, food, sleep, serial killing, etc…). I’m just wondering now, why is it that most of us find it so hard to give up Facebook? It’s  really a horrible addiction. So horrible that some of us must carry it around with us all the time so that we can be ready to let everyone know ASAP as soon as something remotely interesting happens, like a tree falling down or the weather being shitty. Exciting.

Anyway, on a normal day, I turn on my computer and find myself on Facebook very quickly. But now I turn it on and I feel so … empty. I also find myself very very bored very quickly now that I don’t have Facebook, especially because it has so many addictive games and I get to stalk peop — I mean, it has so many addictive games.

It’s kind of sad that I miss Facebook, even a bit.

In fact, I didn’t even go to the lengths of actually deactivating my Facebook just in case stuff happens and I miss out on it (missing out more than I already am, I guess, and I’m missing out on a lot – try 100%). Because at least if people do  stuff, I’ll be able to see it when I come back, whereas if I deactivate my account, no one’s going to be able to tag me in photos or send me messages or write on my wall or…..

…yeah, this isn’t kind of sad, it’s really sad. The sadder thing is, I’ll probably come back to Facebook and find 0 notifications and 0 messages and it’ll be as if nothing happened anyway.

But really, my question is: why is it that we feel the need to know what people are doing, or let others know what we are doing constantly? (in case you didn’t know, that’s the purpose of Facebook … it really is, so stop trying to deny your stalkerish/nosy habits. I’d say you’re a hypocrite if you call me a ‘stalker’. I mean, your whole News Feed is dedicated to making it easier to stalk people and find out what they’re up to so Facebook is kind of forcing you to stalk people…)

I wonder what’s so addictive about being nosy? And more importantly, what the heck did we do before Facebook was invented?

Well, online world, I’ll be back in a few days. See y’all soon.


About lildoro

I'm a uni student who procrastinates way too much. I like saying stuff about things.

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  1. ngawww
    yeah theres a big gap in my day now that i cant chat with you =P

    its addictive cos the human creature is a social creature, and combined with our impatience it gives rise to things like facebook

    before facebook there was myspace, hi5, uhhh… ringo? (if anybody remembers that far back)

    i find it funny, especially now that ive signed up with twitter hahaha

  2. I just deactivated my FB, about month ago….. I realized , Im wasting a lot of time….. But of course I will go back there…. some day:) And will continue stalking:)

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