World Cup Fever

If there’s one or two things I like about the World Cup, it’s the fact that it brings out everyone’s national spirit and pride, and it makes some people give a shit about sport for a change (that was not a sarcastic remark. And I wasn’t being sarcastic about not being sarcastic). Even I, who abhors sport and anything remotely to do with moving around unnecessarily, enjoy watching the soccer with my dad (but I don’t enjoy it enough to wake up at 4 in the morning to see it). But to be honest, I don’t know much about tactics or anything, I just get excited when someone scores…

Really, I’m probably just jumping on the bandwagon because I don’t want to be left out of the cool kids’ conversations, and I don’t want everyone to think I’m some kind of weirdo or something! My self-esteem would deplete in seconds when someone tells me that I’m so uncultured and that I live under a rock! Must avoid that happening at all costs.

Anyway, it’s just occurred to me that it’s only during the World Cup and the Australian Open that everyone, especially those who want nothing to do with sport or don’t usually care for sport (okay so maybe just me), suddenly become fascinated when these events come around. And for the record, I’m purely basing this from the amount of status updates on Facebook that I see, not actual statistics or anything… I mean, when was the last time you saw someone post something about women’s volleyball, cricket or swimming?

And with that, why doesn’t any other worldwide sport get a massive public viewing in Darling Harbour at a freezing, ungodly hour in the morning? I feel sorry for the international lawn bowlers, all neglected and stuff whilst the soccer hogs all the attention.

With that said, yay Australia! Wait, what the hell am I saying, North Korea is my team! HEIL KIM JONG IL, YOU BRING US SUCCESS!


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  1. lol which world cup though? =P theres a footy one too!
    i only care about soccer and tennis cos i actually enjoy playing those 2 sports
    i dont really give a rats behind for any other sport (except maybe NFL when the superbowl is on lol)

  2. Everyone kinda gets swept up in big events and one of the biggest things to happen is the world cup.

    You would probably hear about cricket or swimming when it is in season (and really, does anyone want to hear about lawn bowls <_<)

    Why they are showing it in Darling harbour? Pretty much your first sentence and the fact that football/soccer is one (if not THE) most watched/popular sport in the world and its only recently that the Australian population have embraced this game due to a number of factors such as the Socceroos qualifying for the world cup, the Socceroos did relatively well in the 2006 world cup, success of the A-league and support by the government/big investors. This game never was this popular before the 2006 world cup.

    And don't worry about learning the tactics. It's just as fun to watch the game for the goals/attempts and the faking (magic spray ftw!).

    • Actually, I’m not sure exactly why they show it in Darling Harbour – just to make everyone wake up early, head into town and get hyped up together in the freezing early hours I guess. I heard it’s pretty hectic and fun as a lot of people come to see it and everyone gets excited together, but I’m not THAT dedicated…

      To be honest I never really hear about cricket or swimming, even when it’s in season, and if I do it’s never to the same extent as I hear people talking about the Fifa. Even when the Olympics are on, no one really seems to care as much about it as they do when the soccer is on. And I’m sure plenty of people are excited about lawn bowls!!! DON’T DISS LAWN BOWLS! (btw I was just reminded me of the time we tried to find a bowling alley and the GPS led us to lawn bowls XD)

      • Darling harbour is a big area where a lot of people can see the match on giant screens. If a lot of people go, it makes for a good atmosphere similar to watching it at a stadium.

        And yeah, finding that club was so lols XD

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