Girls do not stick pads onto their vaginas!!!

This post is dedicated to LT4, Rosalyn, and my sister. Sorry if I seem crude in this post, but I’m going to be blunt and straightforward rather than beating around the bush about anything. Also, I will be quite graphic so if talking about ordinary human functions or talking about females disturbs you for some reason, I suggest you close this window.

I had quite a long and interesting conversation with some guys and girls today, which  involved mythbusting about girls. One misconception that was brought forward was that when girls have their periods, they stick pads  onto their vaginas. I was so shocked that someone could even suggest something so ludicrous! I thought it was just them, so I went home and asked some more guys about where they thought girls stuck their pads – and they all said the exact same thing! I will say it loud and clear right now to educate all you boys and men:


No, not their vaginas. No, not the skin around their groin. No, not  their legs. And lastly, they do not stick the pads up their vaginas. They stick it to THEIR UNDERWEAR. The adhesive sticks to the underwear and the laws of gravity keeps it there! It makes more sense, doesn’t it?!!??

How does it make any sense to have some adhesive sticking to your groin? I don’t know if guys registered this, but having period pains is painful enough, we don’t need to wax ourselves every 6 hours! Also, I don’t know about you but the idea of adhesive, blood and hair just sounds a little bit too disgusting…

It also does not make any sense that we stick the adhesive onto the groin and have the fabric part facing the underwear. I’m sure that adhesive is pretty damn absorbent, isn’t it? I mean, we might as well just get a bunch of duct tape, stick it to ourselves, and then cushion it with some tissues underneath just for extra comfort – but the extra comfort would be pretty meaningless since, well, YOU HAVE DUCT TAPE ON YOUR VAGINA.

Another theory put to me was that girls stuck pads to the sides of their legs. One question: if you were to stick the pad onto the sides of your legs, how would you walk? All I can imagine is a girl walking like a penguin because the wings don’t stretch far enough. The wings on the pad are for sticking to the underwear, not to the legs or anything else. I mean, those would have to be pretty massive wings to be able to stick to your legs comfortably…

And finally, if you have eyes and have seen a pad, you will know that you definitely cannot stick something that shape and size up there. In fact, this idea is just so ridiculous that I’m going to stop writing this post right now and go stick my head in an oven.

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  1. My eyes have been opened.

    End comment. LOL


  3. lol, i didnt know they had adhesives… and what about those ones in that libra? commercial how the bf is playing with the cat?

    @ro: its called morning glory! ahhaa

  4. ROFL! HAHAHHA– I anticipate such post. HAHA

  5. rofl…people should pay for attention in P.E/Sex ed

    although I do remember one of our teachers back at cerdon telling us how she some how ended up helping a student who got her period for the first time. The girl put the adhesive side up. RETARD.

    Another thing I realised HEAPS of guys don’t know is that women have 3 holes in their groin region (even the guys who have had sex =.=)

    urethral opening (pee hole), vagina, anus.

    lol a few guys told me they thought we peed out of our vaginas haha

    • WHAT!!!!!!!! A GIRL put the adhesive side up!!??? Man, I thought it was just guys who are idiots.

      And WHOA … oh dear, I think I need to write another post about the 3 holes thing… ><

  6. we gon’ party tonight

  7. Awesome site, I hadn’t come across earlier in my searches!
    Carry on the fantastic work!

  8. LMAOOOOOO omg doro you make me laugh XD i cant believe ppl think this way

  9. I literally just teared up reading this – So Funny – My brother being the dumbass he is stole one of my pads one day and went and put it on in the toilet and when he came out i asked him why he took so long in there and he said because he wanted to try a pad out to see what it was like, a minute later he started rubbing his balls and asked ‘how do girls stand these things, there sticking my balls and penis together and ripping my pubes out?’ He had stuck it wrong side up, and I almost peed myself laughing when i heard him trying to rip it off later!!! They really are stupid aren’t they, lol 😀

    • I literally lol’d reading your comment… I can’t believe your brother actually tried it!! I hope you tell that story at parties, it’s pretty damn funny =P

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