Sooo… Glee, eh….

Season 2 of Glee is back on TV in Australia and I have to admit that I do follow this show and I enjoy it for its strange humour and its renditions of popular songs. However, I don’t know if I’m the only one who feels this but sometimes I just feel it’s just … odd. And now  we all know what to do when something is weird or different – we hate it and throw rocks at it/them. But to be fair and to make myself look like less of a contentious and arrogant bitch, I’ll also post about why I like Glee (unfortunately these reasons are qualified. Also, if you don’t watch Glee then you probably won’t get this post so you might as well stop reading now. Or you can keep reading and confuse yourself, up to you).

Reasons to like Glee

1. It’s clever and funny, sometimes: When the show’s not busy trying to convey some convoluted, cheesy storyline or concentrating on people bursting into song, it can be quite clever and quirky. I think I speak for everyone when I say I love Sue’s in-your-face personality and how she has wonderful ways of expressing hatred for everything. This show needs more hatred. If it weren’t for Sue, I think I’d die from choking on the amount of cheese that’s being shoved down my throat from this show (more on this later).

2. The songs: This should be everyone’s main reason for watching the show. I don’t know how people can complain that there are too many songs, because this is just like complaining about how a football match has too much football (yes, I am guilty of this). I like how they put a nice spin on some songs and make everything all happy and poppy and ‘weeee everything is dandy’.

3. It’s … multicultural?: Okay, so I ran out of  reasons to like Glee as you can see and am just scourging now. I like how they try to reflect real society. If you ask me, I’m sick of seeing caucasian people on TV all the time. Glee is kinda like Noah’s ark – they have two of every ‘species’ of human. Two Jews, two Asians, two black people (even though the black guy mysteriously disappeared this season), two blondes, etc … now we just need Middle Eastern, Hispanic, another cripple and another gay guy.

4. Mike Chang’s abs. The following picture will speak for itself.

We need more of this.

Reasons to dislike Glee

1. Corn with a side of cheese that tries to teach us an insightful lesson: I’m so sorry Glee fangirls and fanboys (or should I say Gleeks… cue rolling of the eyes), but the amount of cheesiness on this show makes me sick. What’s worse is that the show is trying to use this cheesiness to teach the viewers a lesson about life and attempts to be insightful. I’ll use the Britney Spears episode as an example: Rachel realises that she shouldn’t try to control Finn by making him choose her over football, and she makes a heart-warming speech about why she was wrong in front of the entire class. It was something along the lines of “Oh Finn, I was wrong and I love you so much and I know you’re a little bird or something but I shouldn’t hold you so tightly because that’ll suffocate you, so I’m going to dedicate this song to you and cry at the same time to make it seem like I actually give a shit” *bursts into Paramore, even though the song does not reflect the situation at all*.

Ok, so it’s great she learns a lesson and all but does she really need to spell it out to us in excruciating, flowery detail that she did? It’s quite clear from the circumstances prior to this scene that she has learnt her lesson. Also, is it really necessary for her to make a big spectacle about it? What kind of a sixteen-year-old would honestly give a speech about how she blackmailed her boyfriend in front of her  entire club and in front of her teacher? Nobody! And why does everyone act so understanding and loving about it? It’s like they intentionally made it so unrealistically lame so that we can notice that she’s learned a lesson from all this!

The show is absolutely riddled with this type of thing. Another instance was when Quin realises that Mercedes is actually an okay person despite the fact that she’s fat. Snore. How unbearably cliché. I don’t disagree with the message they’re trying to put out but when they make the message painfully obvious by saying “I realised I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, and just because you’re fat doesn’t mean you’re not a nice person”, it just kind of defeats the purpose of trying to make the viewers learn a lesson. I mean, you’re not really learning it if you have to be told how to think – isn’t it much more effective to realise something on your own?

The show fails in this aspect because it makes me feel I’m watching Sesame Street or something in that it has tell me that “Judging people is wrong!” – the audience isn’t a bunch of three-year-olds, I’m quite  sure they already know that judging people is wrong – they just need a more personable and effective illustration of it so that they can actually stop and think, rather than spew about it.

2. The songs!!: Alright, so not the songs themselves, but the amount of autotune that the songs employ just kills the songs. Yes, I understand that it’s pop music and everyone uses autotune in this day and age, but surely the singers can’t be that bad. I mean, it’s not a CD that we’re listening to – it’s meant to be a realistic portrayal of people randomly bursting into song. Might I also add that the autotune on Emma’s voice makes her sound terrible.

3. Break of flow of the story, poor plotline altogether, spouts of randomness: Okay, if you’re watching Glee solely for its intense and meaningful storyline then I’m going to assume you read Twilight for its intense and meaningful storyline too. I know that the main focus isn’t meant to be story, but sometimes I don’t even know what I’m watching when I’m watching Glee. The storyline can be quite erratic, and, well … random, to be honest. The first half of season one was quite good with the story, but then after a while it was like they just got lazy and just strung a bunch of lines together to make it seem like something was happening.

I also thought the same thing after episode one of the current season – I thought, “Yay, something for a change!” but I think I spoke too soon. Seriously, there was a whole episode was based on trippy hallucinations about Britney Spears. If that’s not random enough, the fact that they all have to go to the dentist for unclear reasons (you know, since having the school councillor’s boyfriend coming to school to check up on Glee club’s teeth is just so normal) to get these hallucinations pretty much makes it officially random. I was left a bit perplexed at the end of the episode because I felt like I wasted an hour of my life. If I wanted to watch people get high and dance around sluttily, I’d step out into my backyard.

Oh, and it’s pretty annoying how they just leave really crucial elements of the story hanging at the end of one episode and then not go back to it for another three or four episodes. For example, the thing with Terry’s ‘fake’ pregnancy, and Emma and the football coach’s wedding last season – it was as if they wrote this in, forgot about it and did other things, and then one of the writers thought “Oh shit, we forgot about them” and went back to it later. What’s even worse is that everyone around them seems to have forgotten about these things as well!

A recent example would be Puck’s disappearance –  literally, it was like “Hey where’s Puck? Oh he’s in jail for stealing an ATM? Oh okay, fair enough.” And that was the last we heard of him, as if one of the mains getting sent to jail happened every week or something.

4. Rachel: SHE’S JUST SO ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!!! I think this is the point but … God, I hope she gets hit by a bus or something because she annoys me to the point where I want to throw something at my television screen. Seriously, nobody can be this annoying in real life, can they?! Also, she makes strange faces when she hits high notes…

(PS: So, did anyone notice I tried using more visual aids in this post to make it seem more like a real blog? No? Fine, I tried.)


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  1. Your backyard sounds like fun =P

    AND I hate Rachel. Dear god she is annoying, I don’t understand why the hell Finn is still with her. She’s so damn self centered and a horrible person. =.=

    OFF WITH HER HEAD. Oh and pretty much everyone else on the show. They don’t have a single lovable character, everyone has too many flaws. Regardless, I still watch it but mostly because sometimes the songs are good. I usually skip ahead to them. Oh and I also watch it because I’m constantly looking for things to waste time with =]

  2. I don’t watch Glee, so I stopped at the end of “reasons I like”. I was susprised by the photo of the buff asian, he looks like a reject from 300 (doesn’t look Greek enough).

    As for the “multiculturalism”, that’s actually one of the most common criticisms of American television. If you have ever visited the US, you would see that the multicultural casts of their tv shows (disproportionately set in New York or California) inflate the diversity of the population at an absurd rate. Their population, more so than here in Australia (and especially Sydney) is still an abundantly white majority. The biggest minority is blacks at about 30%, with Asians lower still.

    If Glee is set in California they could be forgiven for having (say) in a cast of 10 stars perhaps one asians, one to two blacks and two to three hispanics. And probably half a Jew. As you have described it, were I to set the show in Sydney and follow their casting principles the ten stars would probably include two aborigines, three integrated African refugees and a Russian. Oh, I forgot the buff Asian – much more likely here in Sydney (well the Asian, not so much the buff).

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