I’m better than you because I liked something first

There’s always some obnoxious person thinking they’re better than everyone else because they liked or heard about something before that something became popular. For example, after a song becomes very popular or gets played on the radio, or if someone they know starts liking a song, some person will always say “I heard this song ages ago! Jeez, you’re so slow!” or “I liked this song before everyone started liking it!”

Well, here’s a news flash, buddy, no one gives a shit.

Honestly, no one thinks you’re any cooler just because you sit behind your computer and monitor the interwebs for something good to happen so that you can claim that you heard of or liked it first. The fact that you’re bragging about how much better you are because you liked something first proves that you’re an insecure tool who feels the need to be recognised and praised for some illusionary achievement.

Congratulations, I award you the prize of me rolling my eyes at you because you are so arrogant.

I think the worst part of it is that these people have the audacity to look down on others who also like that thing, just because they liked it first. Did they ever stop to think that other people are allowed to like the same things as them? Just because you liked or were informed of something first does not mean that you own that thing, and that no one else is allowed to like it.

Seriously, just because someone found out about something later does not make them any less of a fan. And it certainly doesn’t mean that they’re inferior to the person/people who liked it before it became popular.

With this logic, I think I’d have to say sorry to all you Harry Potter, Twilight, Far East Movement, Elvis, Youtube viral video, [other popular things] fans, the fact that you were not the first person to like this franchise/thing, or the fact that you didn’t find out about it earlier doesn’t make you a true fan. You might as well stop claiming that you like it because someone else beat you to it. Oh yeah, and I guess anyone who isn’t Christian within 20 years after Christ died isn’t a true Christian either.

And then there are those people who stop liking something just because it became popular and more people started like it. Are people really that insecure that they feel the need to be non-conformist and ‘unique’ at any cost, no matter what? This just proves that you didn’t really like that thing to begin with, and that the only reason why you did like it was because no one else knew what it was and you felt some kind of self-worth and a sense of importance by liking it.



About lildoro

I'm a uni student who procrastinates way too much. I like saying stuff about things.

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  1. pshht…
    i blogged about this first =P

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