Why do people pretend to be siblings?

Isn’t it just so cutesy wutsey when two of the bestest fwends are sooo close that they pretend that they’re siblings? I noticed that a lot of teenagers and even people in their early twenties (especially Asians) tend to do this as some kind of way to brag about the degree of closeness in their friendship. Variations also include “godbrothers and godsisters”, despite the fact that the people who adopt these titles may not even be Christian.

I of course refer to the occurences between a male and female who feel lonely and can’t get boyfriends/girlfriends, but don’t want to get together with each other (well, at least one of them doesn’t) so they try to fill this void by playing make-believe that they’re related to each other.

I also notice that this sometimes occurs when a guy or girl is rejected by the person they like. The rejecter kind of feels bad for hurting the other’s feelings, and in a feeble attempt to make things less awkward or to relieve them of them of the guilt, they say “I see you more like a brother/sister”. The rejectee feels ecstatic that their existence is at least acknowledged, and the feeling of elation is heightened because a sibling relationship is considered a close relationship.

The rejectee then thinks “This is going to be the best I’ll get so I’ll agree to this charade and refer to the other person has ‘bro’ or ‘sis’ from now on to reinforce what they said and constantly remind them that they’re stuck with me, because you can’t divorce your siblings. Never mind that I’m still in love with them and making myself their sibling necessarily means I’m into incest, I just feel so privileged to be given this opportunity! And maybe since I’ll be so close to them, they might realise how great I am and change their mind about being in a romantic relationship with me! I’m a genius!!!!”

So your Facebook profile says these are all your siblings eh?

I don’t think the person realises that sibling status is actually a downgrade in the ‘romance’ department. The explanation is simple: being shoved into a sibling category is like a quick fix because nobody dates their siblings, except Tasmanians. It’s pretty funny that some people don’t realise that when they’re told “I see you as a brother/sister”, the other person is basically saying “Going out with you would be a complete crime against nature, not to mention illegal and utterly disgusting and never in my life would I do it.” Take the hint. You should not be honoured and happy that someone has said this to you, you should be offended.

And then of course there are the two people who may not necessarily have any romantic tension, but just feel that they’re close enough to call each other siblings, so they just constantly refer to each other as  “bro” and “sis”. They also find it an excuse to say “Aww I love you, my wonderful brother”, or “Sis, you’re the best, I love you so much” when they do nice things for each other without coming off as flirtatious.

News flash – real siblings do not do this!!! If you have real siblings, you would know that there is a lot of bickering, insulting, teasing, even physical violence. I have never ever told my siblings that I “love” them because that would just be weird and wrong. Also, siblings have to live with each other, see each other every day, and deal with how embarrassing they are.

And then there are the self-proclaimed “godsis and godbro” people, and of course trust Asian teeny boppers to come up with this. This has annoyed me since high school, and apparently Asian teenagers still do this today. It appears some people like to adopt their friends of the opposite gender as ‘godsiblings’, which is some kind of teeny bopper gangsta lingo for “I’ve got your back if you ever get into ‘trouble’ *cough*”. If a girl feels threatened by someone, she’ll say “Shut up or I’ll call my godbros!!”, hoping that the threatener will immediately become scared and cease to annoy her. Just once, I’d love to see the scene continue to play out where some scrawny little Asian kid with a tight singlet and bleached hair comes out of nowhere with his fists held high and says “In the name of God and with all the power vested in me as a godbro, stop harrassing my godsis!!!!”

I’m not saying I have anything against people who love and appreciate each other. By all means, do so. But in my opinion, it is completely unnecessary to do it under the pretense of sibling love. You are not siblings. You are friends. And declaring yourselves as siblings does not make you siblings. Really, what is so wrong with the title of being friends, best friends, or close friends? It’s not good enough so you have to play pretend? I mean, that would be just like me saying “I love my pet rat, he’s my brother because we’re soo close and he’s always there for me…”

I don’t really have a problem with someone saying someone is “like” a brother/sister, because that means they’re demonstrating that they understand brothers/sisters lived in the same uterus for 9 months and share similar DNA. I’m sure a lot of only children are very lonely and would like to say that someone is “like” a sibling.

It’s just those people who appear to be deluded by saying that someone is their brother or sister or referring to someone as their brother or sister when they aren’t that annoys me.

Also, what’s up with people who list half of their Facebook friends as their siblings? If we wanted to know who your friends are, we’d look at your friend list. Efficient stalking is just too damn difficult when there are 15+ people on one’s sibling list.

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  1. Yeah, ‘siblings’ after being rejected? Now that’s just asking for awkward… lol to efficient stalking XD
    oh fyi doro, real siblings have similar DNA, not the same 😛

    • haha!! Thanks, I think I need you as my science editor before things go to press 😉 fixed. Hope you liked the Cletus reference a hykuk hyuk hyuk

  2. you know, i feel the exact same way! i hate the brother and sister crap, tho i have to admit, i’ve used it myself.. but only to get the guys to stop thinking of me in a sexual way, or a way that we’d somehow get together because we are close. but people also use the whole brother and sister stuff to end up hooking up, and that is so wrong!
    looovvveee your blog btw

    • Thanks!

      I have to admit, I’ve used it before as well for the same reason, but sadly it doesn’t stop them from liking you… and yes, using the brother/sister stuff to hook up is stupid and wrong!

  3. Damn, you’re wait to straight sometimes with the way you think, lol.

    I suppose you could be “close friends” or whatever, but for me, not having siblings SUCK so having some sis’ I can coddle and take care of is kinda nice XD Too bad I don’t have any older ones who will take care of me 😆 HAH!

    • Good to see you back here again. Thanks for the comments =) I’m the eldest child in my family so I get what you mean by wanting an older sibling to look after me =P

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