Don’t give in to the new MSN/Windows Live Messenger!!

I was quite annoyed this morning when I turn my computer on, and as usual, clicked “Sign in” on my MSN messenger only to find that they’ve finally forced me to update to Windows Live Messenger 2011. For quite a long time, I’ve been trying to avoid updating after seeing how utterly crappy it is, due to their annoying changes such as removing the “block” feature as we know it, getting rid of nicknames and forcing you to use real names like on Facebook, and the floods of advertisements. I think I’m becoming an old person who just can’t accept change, because I hate the new messenger so much that I bypassed the automatic update so that I can continue using the old MSN. I’ll show you how I did it below.

Let’s face it, Windows Live Messenger 2011 is shit. Nobody likes it. It was only a matter of time before those greedy bastards forced us to get it. It began with a voluntary update, but then when people saw how bad it was, the bigshots at Windows Live had to slowly brainwash people into believing they need to update.

This included sly methods such as silently updating in automatic Windows Update (on Vista), making people believe that it was required to keep their computer functioning or secure. For anyone who was still unwilling to update, they tried to sell themselves by disabling links in chats  i.e., if you sent a link to someone on the old MSN, you wouldn’t be able to click on it – you had to copy and paste it into your browser. According to Windows Live, they disabled it because they cared so much for us and were looking out for us so they didn’t want us clicking on viruses and phishing scams. Oh how sweet of you Windows Live… until you told us that the new MSN has some ‘awesome’ security to prevent us from getting viruses from links, and that links are fully functional on it. This was extremely frustrating because we’re all lazy and like to have our links ready. A few extra clicks  on the computer just to see a picture of a cat is just way too much work for people like me. But honestly, I think most of us are smart enough to be able to tell if something is a virus or phishing scam – if you aren’t, then you deserve to fall victim to the monstrosity that is Windows Live Messenger 2011.

So here is how I stopped the automatic update and continued to live my life with minimal advertising shoved down my throat and Facebook updates (honestly, if I wanted to know people’s Facebook updates, I’d go on Facebook – I don’t need MSN for it):

1. Go to My Computer
2. Go to the drive where your Programs are installed
3. Click on Programs (make sure you show all the files if they are hidden)
4. Go into the Windows Live folder > Messenger
5. Rick click the ‘msnmsgr.exe’ file and select Properties
6. Click the ‘Compatibility’ tab and check the box that says ‘Run this in compatibility mode for’. Select Windows 2000 or Windows Server 2003.

Thanks to my brother who showed me how to do it. The only downside to this is that add on programs like MSN Plus no longer work … but if you get the new messenger, you won’t be able to use it anyway.

My point is, don’t sacrifice functionality!! Don’t be subject to spam about singles in your area!! Never mind the fact that they’re giving me a useful service for free!! Never mind the fact that change is what drives innovation in technology! To hell with all that!


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  1. i read the first paragraph and got bored. lol.
    you write too much doro

  2. Hey, I seem to found your method’s useful. But hey, when you said MSN Plus won’t be working, that did let me down, but however, I rather have that than MSN 2011. I HATE IT.

    But anyway, thanks to you I am able to use MSN 2010 now. Though my msn plus is still working and all I did was change the “‘Run this in compatibility mode for’. Select Windows 2000.” to Window Server 2003.

  3. Thx man, a lot.

  4. A big thankx pal for this timely thread post – I found it both informative…and Oh! btw, the (6) step process works a treat. Tnx evr so much. 🙂

  5. There is an alternative to changing the compatibility setting. You use the basic program resource hacker to go into messenger’s files, and change the version number to the most recent one. After saving, when messenger connects to the servers it will appear to have been updated when it actually hasn’t. I still have version 8.0.0812 and it works perfectly fine.

    For full instructions go here :

    That page is rather old though, so the most recent version number is 15.4.3508.1109 rather than 14.0.8089.0726 like the article says.

  6. Thanks for the help,
    I have messenger live 2009. I did the change but using compatibility mode for Windows 2003 and it worked. Compatibility for windows 2000 doesn’t.

    Again, thanks a LOT. I don’t like 2011 version.

  7. just download this.

    it’s the old one and you can use msn plus.

  8. Great man, thank you for your post!

    Luckily we still have Trillian which is compatible with msn, aol and ICQ… and you have no advertising at all!

    After all, ICQ was the original messenger and msn has been getting worst and worst over time!

  9. Version 5 of MSGPlus is now compatible with WLM2011 now 😛 I’m not a big fan of the new WLM, but the eye-candy is quite nice 😀 Most of my computers still have the old version installed, but I have 2 of them with the new version just to play around with it and see what “improvements” (or deprovements {not a real word}) it offers!

  10. thanks so much! i hate the new messenger as much as you, so i got the old one installed under windows 7 – works just fine.

  11. msn 2011 SUCKS

    i was reading this and it looks very helpful, but i kept msn 2010, and my laptop was this close | | to going in the skip, because i kept msn 2010, didnt do updates and it gave me viruses. im just wondering, if i did this, would i be at risk of getting more viruses again?

    • I can’t imagine that you’d get viruses for not updating to the new MSN, unless you clicked on some kind of phishing scam or link that someone sent you through MSN 2010 or your anti virus software wasn’t up to scratch. I don’t see a problem with using this method if your anti virus software is working because there are no security issues with the old MSN as far as I’m aware. I haven’t updated to the new messenger for a long time and I don’t have any issues.

  12. yeah siad it wouldn’t let me sign in unless i installed the new version such crap does anyone know where it downloaded teh update so i can delete it? thanks for teh fix it was pissing me off that they are trying to make you use the new crap ass version

    • Yes,it is only recently,a few weeks ago, that they started pushing the update on users who have Messenger 2009 on Windows Vista,Windows 7 and Windows 8 to upgrade to 2011 version. To get round this problem,click on the Windows Live Messenger exe in your start menu or programs folder. And click properties,then where it says compatibility,set it to run in compatibility mode for Windows XP Service Pack 3 and save the settings.Now you will be able to log in on WLM 2009 and you won’t get that annoying reminder to upgrade to 2011.Andrea Borman.

  13. hey that fix worked great for me Thanks Loads
    At work we cant dnload anymore without some consultant taking ovr screen and doing it so this fix saved me-thanks again


    …but seriously, I have been using windows live messenger 2009 since 2009. I booted my computer this morning and it told me that a new version is downloaded and available, and I had to install it in order to sign in. So I uninstalled and reinstalled it and then used the compatibility mode, now I don’t have to do that

  15. thanks for posting this , no reinstall required i just closed the prog. set the compatibility to Server 2003 ( Win 7 comp) and restarted the prog. and it immediately signed me in again.

  16. Thanks a lot from El Salvador! It was very useful for me, I really hate the new msn 2011

  17. Hi, I hate the new messenger too, and would like to keep the old one. I have windows 7 and these are all of my options: do I still Select Windows 2000 or Windows Server 2003? Thank you for the post and I hope you can help me =)

  18. I have got Windows Vista,Windows 7 and Windows 8 on different laptops. And I also have Windows XP. And I too don’t like Windows Live Messenger 2011 or Windows Live Essentials 2011. For a start I don’t like the ribbon in Windows Live Mail and Photo Gallery.Even Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 is not the same as 2009 version.

    And I don’t like Windows Live Messenger 2011. It is not very user friendly. And I cannot make video calls with it because it is slow and crashes a lot. Also I cannot even see my contacts when they are offline in Messenger 2011.And Messenger 2011 and the whole of Windows Live Essentials 2011 is just not as good as 2009,the Windows XP version is.

    So I have installed Windows Live Essentials 2009 the Windows XP version,on my Windows Vista,Windows 7 and Windows 8. But now they are trying even harder to push us to upgrade if you are on Windows Vista,Windows 7 or Windows 8.

    When I recently has to re-install Windows 7 on one of my laptops,after I first installed Windows Live Messenger 2009. It would not sign me in and I got a message asking me to upgrade. So what I did was that I set WLM 2009 in compatibility mode for Windows XP. And after I did this,it let me log in and I got no more annoying reminders to upgrade. And now I am using WLM 2009 as normal on my re-installed Windows 7.

    (I never noticed the reminder to upgrade to 2011 before because I normally set messenger 2009 to run in compatibility mode for Windows XP on my other laptops,to get the icon in the taskbar notification area to show.)

    So if you are installing Windows Live Messenger 2009 for the first time or re-instaling it.You must change compatibility settings and set it in compatibility mode for Windows XP.If you are running it on Windows Vista,Windows 7 or Windows 8.Or else it won’t let you use it. But as long as you do this it will work. And you won’t have to upgrade.

    But I don’t know what is going to happen after support ends for Windows XP,because then they might discontinue WLM 2009 and WLE 2009. But I hope not. I hate WLE 2011! Andrea Borman.

  19. Works for that stupid Skype takeover problem… Nobody likes Skype, yet they’re forcing it on us. This compatibility mode stops that update from being forced on us.

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