Things I’m Sick Of…

There are a lot of things that annoy me, or things that people do or say which I just don’t understand because any possible reasoning behind it is unfathomably stupid. These are small things that don’t deserve a whole post so here’s a quick list of stuff that annoys me, only because I can’t be bothered doing work.

“Did you get home safely?”

Usually people say this when they speak to someone they had been out with the night before. It’s great that people are concerned and thoughtful when they ask this, but to me it just sounds like small talk because they can’t think of anything else to make conversation about. Really, use some common sense … if you’re speaking to that person at this very second, then they obviously got home safely. I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t be talking to you if they were murdered in a dark alleyway somewhere…

“In a complicated relationship”

It’s that stupid relationship status on Facebook that either means a) “I’m just in a fake relationship with this person and need to disclaim it by saying ‘it’s complicated’ but still feel the need for everyone to think I’m in a relationship anyway” or b) “I’m having huge issues with someone who might be my significant other. I’m not actually single so don’t think I’m some lonely loser, but I’m actually open to getting hit on so feel free to do so”.

I don’t see what people get out of effectively announcing to the world that they are experiencing relationship problems. If it’s attention or sympathy, they aren’t getting any from me. Really, you don’t need to hang out your dirty laundry for everyone to see.

Also, the fact that you can’t make up your mind about whether you want the world to see you as “single” or “in a relationship” just shows that you don’t really want to be in any such relationship with that person, so instead of loitering around Facebook and trying to establish some sort of even ground or category, maybe you should work out your issues.

“Just sayin’.”

This line makes my blood boil. People sometimes like to make insulting or rude remarks about something or someone, then add on “Just sayin'” as if it indemnifies them of being an asshole. Either that, or they just want to make themselves appear witty and cool by adding a quaint sentence to the end of their statement and not pronouncing all the letters of that sentence. e.g: “You’re pretty ugly actually. Just sayin’.”

Really? “Just sayin'”? As opposed to what, you moron? Nobody thinks you’re being cool or witty. And you’re not softening any blow by adding “Just sayin'” to whatever you have just said. We all know you’re “just saying” it, you don’t need to narrate everything that you’re doing. This is just like if I opened my fridge and stopped and said to everyone “Just openin'”, or if I’m walking somewhere and said “‘Just walkin'”. Do us a favour and just shut up’n.

“The music you listen to has no meaning/is stupid/too commercial/whatever. I am better than you because I don’t listen to that.”

I’m just sick of people who think they’re better than everyone else because of the music they listen to. Some people think that just because they listen to a certain type of music that might not be mainstream, they are more enlightened than everyone else and understand “the true meaning of music” whereas everyone else is some lapdog eating out of the hands of greedy record labels. All I can say is … nobody knows the “true meaning” of music. There is no “true meaning” because music is whatever you want it to mean. If you think you know what the true meaning of music is, you should stop being so pretentious and wake the hell up. You are not better than other people just because of the music you listen to, nor are you more intelligent.

I don’t have a problem with people who have a preference for a certain type/s of music. It’s only when those people criticise others for liking a different type of music to their preference that just pisses me off to no end. So you don’t listen to pop music, R&B, hip hop or anything along those lines – fine. Just don’t go calling people who do “uneducated”, “tools” or “closed minded”. You seriously don’t have the right to say that.

And isn’t it a bit hypocritical if you say someone else is closed-minded just because they don’t listen to your type of music? You’re being closed-minded yourself for not listening to their type of music!

People who try to establish how cool they are by bragging about things that aren’t cool at all

I’m talking here about people who like to brag about things that are apparently “bad ass” when it doesn’t even deserve any  positive attention anyway. Here are some examples:

– Getting into a fight with someone
– Driving recklessly
– Smoking
– Getting really drunk (especially if the person is underage)
– Getting into trouble with the police
– Breaking the law in some way e.g. vandalism, shoplifting, etc

Call me a goody-two-shoes or whatever, but I’m not impressed and I don’t give someone my respect if they do any of these things. What’s more, I’m even less impressed when they feel they need to brag about doing it – either on Facebook for their friends to see or in real life. You’re not any more of a man just because you’ve done something illegal. Let’s see how proud you are when you hit someone and kill them because you were driving 50 km/h above the speed limit. Let’s see how proud you are when your run-ins with the police land you in jail. Then I wonder who’ll pat you on the back then?

Also, I don’t care if you’ve been smoking since you were 12 years old and neither does anybody else. You are not misunderstood or cool. Inhaling rat poison when you got your first period doesn’t earn you my respect, pity or any emotion other than me thinking you are a tool, so there really is no need to brag about it.

Rebbecca Black

I am so sick of hearing about this girl. Yes, I know she’s bad and it’s phenomenal that something has been universally accepted as “bad”. And besides, since when do people pass on something that’s bad? Usually things are only shared and talked about if it’s worth being shared and talked about. There are plenty of things that are universally bad, like cancer and pedophilia but I don’t see anyone spreading that around and talking about it…

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  1. studies have been proven where people listening to trance/techno music have been shown to have a higher IQ then those listening to other genres. just sayn.

    • Reliable scientific evidence plz? And urban dictionary doesn’t count as a reliable source =P

      I find it hard to believe that listening to a certain type music is linked to intelligence. Intelligence is something you’re born with or acquired through hard work, it is not gained through listening to music. Saying that listening to trance gives you a higher intelligence is like saying that a blonde dying her hair black will make her intelligent [/joke]

      But that’s besides the point, my post was more about people who listen to one specific type of music and look down on people who listen to other music. If the trance listeners were to go around claiming they’re more intelligent for the reason alone that they listen to trance/techno music, not only is that arrogant but just shows their own closed-mindedness. People who study hard all their lives (arguably) don’t go around bragging that they’re smarter than everyone else, so why should someone brag that they’re better than everyone just because of their interests? And even if the people who study hard did brag, at least it’s something WORTH bragging about … any idiot can claim to listen to a certain type of music.

      Just sayin.. 😎

  2. lols! farking dorothy, knew that would get ur blood pumping :p

    haha urban dictionary is legit homie!

    search up paul listens to trance and studied hard

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