Reasons to hate cops according to the Internet

Police are the scum of the earth, aren’t they? Their mere existence is enough to make my blood boil. Sure, they’re supposed to prevent crime, violence and accidents by enforcing the laws that were made to create order. If I happen to be in an accident, or have been robbed or assaulted, I’d expect them to come and help me. Just as long as they leave me alone when I’m in the wrong, of course. When I said police should do their jobs, I didn’t mean do it in a way that’s detrimental to me!

Here is a small sample of coherent comments from victims of police brutality on the Internet, confirming how ridiculous the police can be.

If the colourful spelling and grammar hasn’t convinced you, you can see that the justifications some people use for not obeying the law are great (speeding is apparently okay as long as you’re in a rush). Even though the sign said “No stopping” and not “No stopping unless you are a groom on your wedding day”, it’s always the police’s fault that you’ve been fined.

It’s interesting that whenever I hear someone complaining about how annoying the police are, this is how it usually goes down:

1. That person usually admits to breaking the rules (though this somehow isn’t an important part of the story)
2. They’ll then talk about how what they did was something really trivial and doesn’t warrant punishment (e.g. “I was only going 10 km over the limit!”, “It was 2am in the morning!”, “I only hit a small child!”)
3. They’ll rant about how outrageous it is that they weren’t let off and proceed to get upset  just because they were punished for something they weren’t meant to be doing it in the first place.

I’ve also seen thousands of “likes” on Facebook for photos of trashed police cars and hundreds of comments commending whoever did it to those cars. I guess people don’t realise that taxpayers have to pay for the repairs and it means one less vehicle to help you when you’re in the process of being brutally murdered, but oh well, apparently destroying police property is an act of brave heroism to some people.

I’m not saying that all police are saints – my point is that hating on all police officers just because they’re doing their jobs and it happens to inconvenience you in some way makes you look like an idiot. And just for your information, ignorance is not a defence for breaking the law, so acting surprised about doing something you didn’t know was illegal isn’t really going to help you look less guilty.

If you think you’ve been truly wronged by the police, then take it to court and let a judge decide – otherwise, suck it up and stop blaming everyone else for your mistakes.


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I'm a uni student who procrastinates way too much. I like saying stuff about things.

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