About Me

Real name: Dorothy
: Kofu, Japan
I listen to songs, not genres
  The Simpsons, The Big Bang Theory, The Chaser, Game of Thrones, How I met Your Mother, Master Chef, Glee
I can watch anything other than bad parodies and cheesy romance films
Code Geass, Death Note
Final Fantasy, Suikoden, Phoenix Wright
Wasting time

I’m a university student who seems to spend an unhealthy amount of time procrastinating and not enough time doing what I’m meant to be doing.  I’m currently studying to obtain a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in International Studies majoring in Japanese.

I don’t write about my life because nobody cares about what I do or about how much I love my friends. I might seem like an angry, hateful person, but I’m really not. Writing is like my way of slitting my wrists – it’s to let out all the bottled up frustration and hatred I have about life and the people around me in such a way that I won’t have to kill myself. Satirists like Maddox inspire me, but I like to believe I have my own style of writing (translation: I am not talented).

Original art by Matthew: http://iron-wok.deviantart.com/

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