Stuff that I say

I have a lot of stuff to say. Here it is.

Reasons to hate cops according to the Internet

So I hear you got friendzoned

I desperately need validation, so PLEASE click on the “Like” button

Pretending to be a lesbian doesn’t make you cool

Are you a self-indulgent, arrogant, attention-seeking or annoying Facebooker? Find out here!

I’m so excited about the Royal Wedding!

Things I’m sick of

Unnecessary use of tagging in Facebook statuses

Apple fanboys make me feel as sick as Steve Jobs

Don’t give in to the new MSN/Windows Live Messenger!!

Am I the only person who finds reading on the toilet weird?

Most commonly used rejection techniques

Let’s change our Facebook profile pictures to encourage child abuse

Why do people pretend to be siblings?

I suck at comforting people

I’m better than you because I liked something first

Soo… Glee, eh…

Life is not a romantic comedy

Girls do not stick pads onto their vaginas!!!

I like to pretend to have low self esteem

Should girls make the first move?

The paradox of being a nice person

World Cup Fever

Why do people like Master Chef?

I miss Facebook

Just because I’m Asian doesn’t mean I’m an international student

Desperate or confident?

I’m incompetent at pushing buttons

Sarcasm is not the lowest form of wit

People suck at keeping secrets

Poorly thought comebacks


Finding your other half

Stupid Facebook fan pages for stupid people

The friendzone is a lie